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The term ‘private villa’ as an accommodation alternative on the island of Bali immediately conquers up thoughts of a level of luxury that is simply beyond the means of the average traveller. However, contrary to popular belief staying in a villa, especially with family and friends, can actually be an affordable choice.

Not all villas are as expensive as implied in high-end magazines and lifestyle television programmes. This site has taken the opportunity to list a number of cheap villas in Bali, complete with private pool, at attractive daily rates that won’t break the budget.

Although cheap in price, all villas featured on this site offer convenient services, facilities and home comforts. Compared to the monotony of a two or three star rated hotel on the island, the opportunity to stay in a villa offers the flexibility and personalised service that could well be the making of a truly memorable experience.

Latest Additions

Villa Bless

Villa Bless

Seminyak - From US$ 100 > - Individual Villa Compound

Set within a compound, this two-storey residence showcases the Bali style. Located in Jalan Laksmana Seminyak, this charming 3 bedroom, poolside villa will meet all you and your family/ friends requirements....

Villa Lontar

Villa Lontar 21 votes cast

Seminyak - From US$ 100 > - Individual Villa Compound

Villa Lontar is a tropically-inspired retreat located on the residential outskirts of Seminyak. This smart four bedroom holiday home is the ideal base for families and friends to recharge away from the hectic pace of mainstream tourism....

Latest Deals

     Villa Vanilla 6 votes cast
    Seminyak - From US$ 200 > - Individual Villa Compound

    Villa Vanilla is the epitome of tropical charm in the lifestyle district of Seminyak. It is an intimate complex with a matching pair of holiday homes with a distinct Asian vibe featuring two bedrooms in each unit. An inconspicuous gateway slides open to connect each villa or remains securely locked in times of individual rental....

     Villa Laella
    Seminyak - From US$ 200 > - Individual Villa Compound

    Nestled within a spacious garden compound, Villa Laella is an elegantly appointed two bedroom holiday hideaway. An elevated timber ceiling, classic dark furnishings and artistic treasures sourced from around Bali give this villa a timeless feel. Designed to accommodate up to four adult guests....

     Villa Orchid 11 votes cast
    Seminyak - From US$ 100 > - Individual Villa Compound

    Villa Orchid comprises a stunning complex of two individual villas - one and two bedrooms respectively. The heart of each is a traditionally thatched, conical roof that emanates an essential Balinese character as you enter the compound. They offer occupants complete seclusion and serenity with the beauty of a Balinese garden, private swimming pool and sun decking....

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